Saturday, March 13, 2010

Kitchen and Bath cabinets?

I hear people on TV talking about flat pack cabinets that they saved 30% or more this way but I am not finding any. Do you know of any manufactures that ship cabinets for less.Kitchen and Bath cabinets?
Flat pack or Ready-to-Assemble cabinets are available at any big box home improvement store. Yes, they can save you money, but they are what they are.

We use them in apartment remodels and thats about it. They are typically not the quality of even the cheapest cabinets on the shelf at the store.

A good set of cabinets should give you twenty years of life. Many of the brands I've installed won't make it five years. Thats fine for college apartments (where they'll be wrecked no matter how expensive they are), but not good for a house.

The 30% savings are probably not worth it.Kitchen and Bath cabinets?
I purchased my kitchen cabinets through Home Depot, also. All the 'fronts' had to be ordered but most of the basic cabinets were in stock and can be installed without the fronts.

They will also help you with layout and measurements. Anything else you need will be ordered and the wait wasn't that bad. Not too many problems dealing with them. I was missing a toe kick and found that it was put in the stock bin.
Home depot here in my town always has them in stock........that doesn't mean they will have them where you are at, but they may be able to order. A friend of mine uses them all the time. Good luck.

What is the average time warranty on Kitchen & Bath Cabinets?

Usually one year, for parts and labor. Really, the better quality cabinets can be determined by feel, not by paperwork.What is the average time warranty on Kitchen %26amp; Bath Cabinets?
probably 1 year.What is the average time warranty on Kitchen %26amp; Bath Cabinets?
Depends on the cabinet quality. Most value priced cabinets are 5 years. All others could carry anywhere from 10 to life warrenties.

Check with the retailer.
I would check with the store that they were purchased at to see what type of warranty and how long it is for. Because warranties differ so much, because of the quality, and things of that nature, and some things don't have a warranty unless you purchase the warranty.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Cabinet door hinges in my bath are an antique brass finish. Want to change into shiny brass? Tips anyone??

Go to Home Depot.

They have a very large selection of nice door fixtures and hinges.Cabinet door hinges in my bath are an antique brass finish. Want to change into shiny brass? Tips anyone??
Two ways to do this:

First, get some 0000 steel wool and get to work. You'll need to hit them with some spray lacquer when you're done to keep them from tarnishing. You may not be happy with your results (especially) the resulting color, but this is probably the cheaper solution if you don't mind many hours of mind-numbing rubbing.

Second, head down to Home Depot or Lowe's and find some bright brass hardware that makes you smile. Buy it and replace the old stuff. More expensive, but perhaps more satisfactory in the long run.

Best of luck to you!Cabinet door hinges in my bath are an antique brass finish. Want to change into shiny brass? Tips anyone??
Take off one of the hinges. Look for a brand mark. For example, a capital ';A';, inside a circle is the mark for Amerock. Other common brands are ';Belwith'; and ';Stanley.'; There are quite a few others. Go to a good hardware store and see if they can figure out what you've got. Then you can order the same model hinge, in the finish you want. Change out should be a snap.
personally I wouldn't waste my time try to sand them. drop them in a bowl of Krud Kutter (brand name) over night rinse with water, let them dry in the sun and spray the color you want while they are hot. You don't have to try to get them back on the same doors, they are adjustable.
cheaper and easier to just get new ones.
tooth paste then spray clear paint over them good to go.
They will discolour to an antique brass finish.
I have never done this but I am a home makeover tv junkie. According to HGTV all you have to do is go to any home improvement store and get sandpaper and metal finish spray. Lowes or somewhere like that whll have people trained to tell you what grit sandpaper and what spray you can and should use. Then you just unscrew the hinges and take them outside, sand them down, wipe with soft clean cloth to get rid of any excess sand and finishing, and while the hinges sit on newspaper you spray on the new finish and let it dry. Some finishes require extra steps like crackle so makes sure before you start you have everything you need together and the time to finish every step the way it is suppose to be done. Hope this helps.

Bath Vanity Cabinet ??

Whare can I find a bath vanity cabinet that looks like a piece of furniture (antique look) with a grantie or marble top for a reasonable price?Bath Vanity Cabinet ??
Check the home improvement stores in your area. They may stock them.

Another option is to find a cabinet you like in an antique store or used furniture store, remove the top, and custom order a top for it. You can get a faux marble top custom made for only a little more than a standard one. If you go this route, make sure that the cabinet is the right height that you want for the bathroom, and that there is room inside for the plumbing. Find out first where the plumbing is located in the room - does it come out of the wall or the floor? Are there any electrical outlets near the plumbing that would be blocked by the cabinet? Is there any internal structure in the cabinet that would interfere with the plumbing? If in doubt, measure everything, take pictures, and take it all with you when you go shopping for cabinets.Bath Vanity Cabinet ??
I own a furniture store and have special order several for customers There are many brands to choose from such as Pulaski steinworld magnussen. The price range is from $500.00 to $2000.00 t

So i have this battery operated razor that is in my bath room cabinet?

and it keeps turning on, and the only way to turn it on is to push the button. Just a few min. ago i was in the bath room having a cigg. when i heard it going off, i went to open the cabinet and it stopped. This only started a few hours ago after i told a friend i stopped using my ouija board sometime ago. What do you think am i going crazy?So i have this battery operated razor that is in my bath room cabinet?
Yes, a ghost has a five o'clock shadow.So i have this battery operated razor that is in my bath room cabinet?
Yikes- you shouldn't have been messing with the ouija board- lol- seriously- that's inviting demonic activity. Well, you'll see.
If only there were some body of knowledge relevant to this topic, perhaps some sort of basic engineering dealing with electrical objects. Oh, but that's just impossible. The Bible doesn't mention anything like that, so it must be demons!
Take out the battery, at least it will stop it from going off.

Gremlins runnnn! lol

--No, obviously your shaver has got a loose wire or something.
Yes. Ghosts need a good shave from time to time.

Either that or it has a short in it.
It is obviously a demon who is self conscious about his body hair. Don't hurt his feelings!
It's telling you to take the job in Des Moines.

Oh, and your dead kitty is fine.
No you aren't going crazy. I was just trying to mess with you! Gotcha!
Don't tell me you bought one of those Clapper Razors?
weird....pray for relief
More than likely you are experiencing a demon attack. Don't freak out. It has been reported that demons have bothered people who use Ouija boards. One example is from Germany. A class was temporarily left without supervision. They decided to experiment with an Ouija board. While using it, some students felt the presence of demons and fled in panic.

God’s Word shows that those who are suffering from demon attacks can get free from such harassment. Prayer plays a vital role in such liberation. (Mark 9:25-29) But someone troubled by demons may need to take additional steps. Events involving first-century Christians illustrate what else may be required.

Before they became followers of Christ, some individuals in ancient Ephesus were involved with demonism. However, after they made up their mind to serve God, “those who practiced magical arts brought their books together and burned them up before everybody.” (Acts 19:19) By destroying their books on divination, those new believers in Ephesus set an example for any who wish to free themselves from demon attacks today. It is imperative for such ones to get rid of all objects related to spiritism. This includes books, magazines, movies, material from electronic sources, music recordings that have spiritistic overtones, as well as amulets or other items worn for “protection” or linked to spiritistic practices.—Deuteronomy 7:25, 26; 1 Corinthians 10:21.

Some years after those Christians in Ephesus had destroyed their books on magic, the apostle Paul wrote: “We have a wrestling . . . against the wicked spirit forces.” (Ephesians 6:12) Paul urged Christians: “Put on the complete suit of armor from God that you may be able to stand firm against the machinations [crafty acts] of the Devil.” (Ephesians 6:11) That advice is still valid. Christians must fortify their spiritual defenses in order to stay out of the reach of wicked spirits. “Above all things,” stressed Paul, “take up the large shield of faith, with which you will be able to quench all the wicked one’s burning missiles.” (Ephesians 6:16) A person strengthens his faith through Bible study. (Romans 10:17; Colossians 2:6, 7) Hence, regular Bible study helps us to develop faith that serves as a bulwark against the influence of wicked spirits.—Psalm 91:4; 1 John 5:5.

Those Christians in Ephesus needed to take yet another important step. Paul told them: “With every form of prayer and supplication . . . carry on prayer on every occasion in spirit.” (Ephesians 6:18)
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  • How do i install a medicine cabinet on a common wall for a comdo bath?

    Im not sure where the plumbing is exactlyHow do i install a medicine cabinet on a common wall for a comdo bath?
    There are several ways but since a medicine cabinet tends to be somewhat heavy I would reccomend Toggle bolts...some times referred to as butterfly nuts...they require drilling a larger hole in the wall but are very strongHow do i install a medicine cabinet on a common wall for a comdo bath?
    You can get a Gadget that you press against theWall and gives off a Signal, a loud alarm noise when ever there is a Metal Pipe Behind it.There is another one that signals when there is Electric Cabling Behind it I have both of these and you put a couple of Batteries in them to make them work. They are not very Dear cheap in Hardware Stores or Electrical Outlets.

    Should the cabinet in the water closet match the bath vanity?

    The WC has the toilet and a shower. I would like to add a cabinet over the toilet to store extra bathroom items. Not sure if I should buy the same brand and style as the bath vanity. The other room has the garden tub and the bath vanity with sink. The tile work is the same in both rooms.Should the cabinet in the water closet match the bath vanity?
    I would, since they are adjacent to each other. I matched ALL of the cabinets in my house. I have hickory cabinets in the kitchen, matching hickory vanities in the bathrooms. The only one that's different is the powder room, which has a pedestal sink. Hope this helps.Should the cabinet in the water closet match the bath vanity?
    It's part of the same space. So I would go with matching. In different rooms it really doesn't matter because it's a separate space but in the same space I would go matching.
    I would match it, but if you do not want to, I would try to use the same colour.