Wednesday, March 3, 2010

KITCHEN CABINETS REFACING:refinishing, refacing, replacing bath cabinet fronts?

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I now have white thermafoil laminate euro-style cabinets that I want to change to black, don't care if wood or laminate. Can you give me ideas on refacing or painting them any sources you know of for replacing the fronts. I live about 45 minutes South of Raleigh, NC. Thanks.KITCHEN CABINETS REFACING:refinishing, refacing, replacing bath cabinet fronts?
Hi , I'm in CT, so I'm not familiar with anything in your area, but Sears does refacing, and that might be a place to start.....they use subcontractors, and typically they do a nice job.Then through the magic of the internet, you should be able to search for contractors in your area that specialize in here:鈥?/a>

Hope that helps- get several estimates, they should be no obligation estimates-

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