Saturday, March 13, 2010

Kitchen and Bath cabinets?

I hear people on TV talking about flat pack cabinets that they saved 30% or more this way but I am not finding any. Do you know of any manufactures that ship cabinets for less.Kitchen and Bath cabinets?
Flat pack or Ready-to-Assemble cabinets are available at any big box home improvement store. Yes, they can save you money, but they are what they are.

We use them in apartment remodels and thats about it. They are typically not the quality of even the cheapest cabinets on the shelf at the store.

A good set of cabinets should give you twenty years of life. Many of the brands I've installed won't make it five years. Thats fine for college apartments (where they'll be wrecked no matter how expensive they are), but not good for a house.

The 30% savings are probably not worth it.Kitchen and Bath cabinets?
I purchased my kitchen cabinets through Home Depot, also. All the 'fronts' had to be ordered but most of the basic cabinets were in stock and can be installed without the fronts.

They will also help you with layout and measurements. Anything else you need will be ordered and the wait wasn't that bad. Not too many problems dealing with them. I was missing a toe kick and found that it was put in the stock bin.
Home depot here in my town always has them in stock........that doesn't mean they will have them where you are at, but they may be able to order. A friend of mine uses them all the time. Good luck.

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